Our Services to the Client

The Client can enjoy the feasibility services once you successfully opened the trading account(s) with Ever-Long Securities and/or Ever-Long Futures.


3 Easy Steps of Account Opening


  1. Fulfill the Online Application Form
  2. Prepare related Documents
  3. Dedicated staff will follow up on the account opening process

  • Client can visit Ever-Long Office or contact our customer services hotline (852) 2541-8006 for the enquries and account opening.
  • Ever-Long Business Address : Rooms 1101-02 & 1111-12, 11/F Wing On Centre, 111 Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
  • The residents of Mainland China and/or Hong Kong can use the Online "Account Opening System", which is safer, more stable and faster.


Ever-Long Provide the Services Including



HK Stock





/ eIPO


IPO Margin






US Stock


China A Stock Trading


Taiwan Stock









HK Stock Trading


  1. Contact your designated Account Executive or Trading Services Hotline (852) 2542-0080
  2. Enjoy the feasibility services via the online trading platform:


  • Support the multiple trading instructions
  • Trading confirmation in the real time
  • Investment Portfolio, daily orders, pending order and transaction records
  • Price quotation services


  1. Use the mobile trading APP (can support the Apple / Android smartphone and tablet)


IPO Subscriptions


  1. Application for the Applicant Own Name
    • Client can apply on a physical WHITE or YELLOW application form to be issued in Applicant Own Name. Client can also collect the physical IPO application form


  1. Application for the broker
    • Client can contact with your Account Executive for the IPO application via broker name of Ever-Long
    • Client can fax (852) 2581-0638 or email settlement@everlong.com.hk to submit the eIPO application form. Please visit the "Services Fees" on Ever-Long Website for the fees


IPO Margin Financing


  • Ever-Long offer the IPO Financing for designed IPO up to 90% appealing low interest rates
  • Client can check the offere ocnditions in the IPO Marrgin Application Form. Please visit "Services Fees" on Ever-Long Website for the fees


Nominee Services


  • Ever-Long offer the services in dividends, bonus shares collection, notification of right issues, take-over bids, share consolidation/subdivisiona and other material corporate matters


Custodial Services


  • No service charge for the custodial services provided by Ever-Long
  • No handling charge for the physical deposit via the CCASS


US Stocks


  • Client may trade the US stocks (i.e. New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq Stock Market) through trading platform


China A Stock Trading


  • Client may invest the Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks (i.e. Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange) through Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect platform


Taiwan Stock Trading


  • Client may invest the Taiwan stocks (i.e. Taiwan Stock Exchange) through trading platform


HK Futures


  • Client can real time dealing with the Hong Kong futures contracts in the exchange channel


Global Futures


  • Client can deal with the global futures contracts (i.e. Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Intercontinental Exchange) in the exchange channel


Commodity Futures


  • Client can deal the commodity futures contracts through the global exchange channel