What services do we offer?

Assist in setting up funds in the Cayman Islands and preparing legal documents

  • Private release memo
  • Fund purchase contract
  • Asset management agreement
  • Custodian agreement
  • Management agreement
  • Distribution agreement


Fund management services

  • Investment management based on the issuance memorandum
  • Provide investment advice
  • Provide regulatory body requirements documents (if applicable) and respond to regulatory agency issues (if needed)
  • Conduct due diligence for investors


Other administration services             (provided by other group companies)

  • Processing fund purchases and redemptions
  • Keep investor records
  • Calculate fund profit and loss and expenses Processing dividends
  • Fund accounting and preparation monthly/quarter/annual financial statements
  • Monitor and check payments
  • Settlement for the fund monthly/quarterly/yearly report for investors
  • Answer investor questions


Custodian services                                          (provided by other group companies)

  • Managed funds hold cash and securities
  • The fund receives interest or dividends
  • Acting on fund handling, etc.