Global Futrures Introduction
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Global Futures Introduction

Global Futures
In the ever-changing financial market, investors looking for relatively good returns, besides diversifying and effectively managing assets, reducing costs and investment risks,
and even flexibly diversifying investments in different products and markets has becoming a market trend. Through global futures index, foreign exchange, energy, metals and agricultural products,
investors can effectively achieve diversified investment, increase cost efficiency and hedge risks.



Global Futures mainly consist of the following exchanges: Singapore’s SGX, United States’ CME and Europe’s EUREX. In the CME, Dow Jones, S&P and Nasdaq are the most active indexes: in the SGX, the China A50 Index is the most active. Each futures product introduction and specification, please refer to Global Futures Contract Specifications and Global Futures Margin Table Session.


Benefits of trading in Global Futures


  • International Coverage and Comprehensive Investment Products

        Global futures has access to exchanges from all over the globe, allowing investors to access to different markets and products


  • Diversified Investing and lower investment risks

        Each exchange around the globe has its own different products, allowing investors to make full informative preparation according to individual investment objectives, financial situation, risk adverse and other aspects in the investment process.

  • Hedging opportunities improves flexibility

           Providing global hedging prospects and flexibility to gaps investing opportunities in different regions, industries and markets


  • Improve cost efficiency and increased leverage


        The margin paid makes up only a small part of the contract value, thereby improving cost efficiency and leverage is greater than other investment products




Exchange Product Code Product Name E-Trade Commissions Phone-Trade Commissions
Per contract per side basis Per contract per side basis
SGX CN FTS China A50 Index USD 6 USD 12
CME GBP British Pound USD 8 USD 16
NYMEX CL Light Sweet Crude Oil USD 8 USD 16


  • For more details, please refer to below website. If there are any discrepancies between the above Table and the HKEX's Table, the HKEX's Table shall prevail.
  • For more product details, plesae contact your Account Executive.
  • For commission discount based of trade volumn, please contact your Account Executives for more details.






Global Exchanges Websites


Singapore SGX :




Europe EUREX :



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